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Why Tri-State?

Evansville, Indiana gym

Tennis is our Heritage

Evansville, Indiana gym
For over 40 years, we’ve been providing members with the best tennis instruction, the best tennis facilities anywhere, the most competitive pairings among players, leagues and tournaments, and something more-passion for the game.

For players of all ages and levels, we provide the ultimate tennis environment for learning the game, getting people together, and having the time of your life. Because, like our players, we have the deepest possible love and respect for the game.

Fitness is our Passion

Evansville, Indiana gym
Tri-State Athletic Club is far from your “here today, gone tomorrow” gym. For over 35 years, we’ve been home to area’s top fitness professionals, created fitness and group exercise programs, and designed facilities to improve the health and wellness of our members. Our success is measured by the tremendous member participation in our fitness activities. The best personal trainers and class instructors make the difference at TSAC.

Tri-State Athletic Club is a place to belong, a place to get fit and to meet friends who care about an active lifestyle. It is a community of people who want their fitness experience to be more than a workout.

Our programs and social activities bring members together and encourage lasting friendships. We don’t think of ourselves as a place to “sweat and forget.” Tri-State Athletic Club is your health club in Evansville — a place for fitness among family and friends.

Programs include world-class tennis as well as aquatics, personal training, basketball, fitness, yoga, pilates, group exercise programs and more for all ages!

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