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Yoga Evansville, Indiana

Yoga Evansville, IndianaTri-State Yoga Studio, the newest addition to our Mind/Body facilities in Evansville, Indiana, offers a variety of hot and warm yoga classes for the novice to advanced practitioner.  All of the instructors possess a minimum 200 hour credits of yoga training.  This offers you top-notch yoga classes blending yoga certifications with experience so that you can receive a safe and beneficial class.Yoga Evansville, Indiana

The state-of-the-art hot studio features Zebra flooring; a rubberized special flooring suited for hot yoga classes.  The studio also features a high-tech humidifier system to control the amount of humidity in the room, and an advanced heating furnance that eliminates hot or cold spots within the room.Yoga Evansville, Indiana

Research has proven the benefits of yoga can enhance any lifestyle.  Physical and emotional benefits include: flexibility, balance, focus, and strength which are crucial for any extreme athlete or for the beginner fitness enthusiast.Yoga Evansville, Indiana

Contact Bianca Snyder at Bianca.Snyder@tristateathleticclub.com for more information or to schedule sessions.

Menu of Services

Yoga Evansville, Indiana

  • Open yoga classes are available daily in our Tri-State Yoga Studio 
  • Drop-in Rate ($10 members and $15 non-members)
  • Yoga Plus Upgrade with a current membership ($45 monthly single, $81 monthly couple, $90 monthly family)
  • Introductory Package-limited to non-members on a trial membership (10 class pass for $120 or 12 class pass for $135)

Private Yoga Instruction

  • Private Yoga Sessions (Bring your yoga practice to a new level with personalized assists in yoga postures, breathwork to suit your needs, and meditation techniques to enhance focus and clarity-$50/hour)
  • Assisted Stretching Sessions (This session is perfect if you lack flexibility for normal daily tasks or want to enhance your physical fitness abilities -$25/30 minutes)
  • Pesonal Yoga Coaching Session (In a private yoga coaching session, the instructor will attend a regularly scheduled class with you to be your personal yoga assistant.  He/she will assist you with postures to accomodate your body type-$30/class)
  • Yoga Therapy Session (Physically, it is like having a yoga class done specifically for your body!  Along with deep introspection, it can lead to the opportunity for creating a more fulfilling life-$65/75minutes)
  • Small Group Yoga class (2 persons-$60/hr, 3 persons-$70/hr, 4 persons-$80/hr)
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