Junior Tennis Academy

Junior Tennis Academy emphasizes tennis skills, strategies, and fundamentals.  It is designed for ages 6–10 from intermediates through junior excellence.

Our goal is to provide an organized and fun progression to foster a lasting enjoyment of tennis and a willingness and desire to improve. The curriculum is designed to improve technical and tactical skills, movement, court sense, positioning, and a knowledge of the rules. TSAC membership is required to participate in this program.


Students are using specific footwork patterns with movement adjusting to the ball. They will be able to change strokes to direct shots with various depths and heights.  Players are comfortable with the 60’ court.  Program includes complimentary “walk-on” court time with family members and others in the program.

Junior Excellence

Players are making the full transition to the full-sized court and traditional tennis balls. Players will be making coordinated movements to, from, and around the path of the ball. Spin second serves is becoming the norm. They will be developing a tactical game plan when competing. Students will be encouraged to play local tennis tournaments. Program includes complimentary “walk-on” time with family members and other students in the program.


Junior Tennis

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