Quick Start

The Quick Start Program is for children ages 4–9. Every level of the program has a simple set of skills and objectives that all of our teaching professionals are focused on for your child. As a parent, you will be regularly apprised of your child’s progress through the Quick Start Plan. Classes meet once a week. TSAC membership is not required for participation.

Little Tennis

Ages 4–5

Your child’s first experience on the tennis court starts with Little Tennis, an informal environment that establishes a foundation for gross motor  skill development. General athleticism is more important than tennis-specific skills at this age. Basic movement and coordination skills will be introduced. The children will learn to receive and send the ball with their hands, racquets, and other adapted equipment that fosters enjoyable learning experiences.

Graduates of Little Tennis I move on to Little Tennis II.

Junior Beginners

Ages 6–9

A program of movement, balance, coordination, and motor development with a focus on self and partner rallying skills on a Mini Court. Both reception and projection activities will be emphasized. Children will learn the first stages of cooperative tennis. They will learn how to initiate a rally, move and judge a ball (reception and centering skills), control the racquet at the contact point, and control the height, direction, and depth to be successful on the mini court (within 10 feet of the net). Children will learn adaptive skills that will be the foundation of their future tennis development.

Junior Advanced Beginners

Ages 6–9

Classes are designed to improve basic technique with an emphasis on consistency in the shape of the swing. Children will be playing singles and doubles matches. Students will make the transition from the 36’ court to the 60’ court.


Junior Tennis

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