Swim Lessons

Evansville Newburgh Swim Lessons

Group Swim Lessons

TSAC Group lessons are for children ages 3–12. Our goal is to teach swimmers how to become comfortable and mobile in the water. The curriculum is designed to teach even the beginner to put their face into the water up to the swimmer that would like to improve technical swimming skills and movement in the water. Classes meet once a week for half an hour. Swim Meets take place on Wednesday evenings. Evansville Newburgh Swim Lessons

Swim Team

Swim team is a fun and competitive swim experience. A pre-requisite for the ages of 7 and under includes completing one width of the deep end of the pool using freestyle. A pre-requisite for the ages of 8 and older include completing one lap of freestyle and knowledge of backstroke.


Learn life guarding for traditional pools including skills, first aid, CPR for the professional rescuer, surveillance skills, and professional lifeguarding responsibilities. Classes are in accordance with the American Red Cross standards. Evansville Newburgh Swim Lessons

Prerequisites: At least 15 years of age. Must be able to read at 8th grade level and have physical stature and stamina to perform skills. Evansville Newburgh Swim Lessons

Adult Learn-To-Swim Group

Evansville Newburgh Swim Lessons
Instruction for adults wanting to learn to swim. Evansville Newburgh Swim Lessons


Aquatics Programs

Free Trial